Preparing Your Home for Sale

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It is a seller’s market right now and a well-priced home in a desirable location will likely receive multiple offers. However to maximize the amount of money you receive for your home there are some things you should consider doing in order to get ready for sale. Begin taking concrete steps towards making your home ready for sale a few months out. What follows is a check list of things you should be doing as you ready your house for the market. Not all are necessary but should be considered in order that your home attracts more offers than the competition.
• Collect as much information as possible on improvements you have made. We will prepare a list of improvements for buyers.
• Repair known problems; leaky faucets, cracked tile, lights not working, broken windows, the obvious stuff. All Light bulbs should work.
• Identify any leased items (Solar Panels). Consider paying them off. Have 12 months of utility bills
• Consider hiring a home inspection.
    o Pros: you can address any issues that may come up in escrow and minimize request for repairs.
    o Cons: must be disclosed and may reduce enthusiasm for the house.
• Front yard & entry way should be spruced up. Consider landscaping improvements, new welcome mat, front door working and painted, etc. replace any outdated exterior lighting fixtures.
• Consider painting. When was the last time the house was painted? Consider hiring a paint consultant to help you choose the right colors, but in any case paint with neutral colors.
• Deal with storage. If the house is full of items that are stored in garage and closets, consider getting rid of as much as you can. You may want to rent a storage unit.
• Clean: Hire professionals. Have all windows cleaned. If you don’t need to paint the exterior, have the home spray washed to clean the outside of the house.
• Window treatments; All should be in working order, drapes dry cleaned or replaced if they are dusty & or faded
• Bathrooms: They must sparkle. De-clutter and remove any traces of mold & mildew. Consider new towels and bathmat
• Kitchen: De-clutter cabinets & pantry. Have the oven cleaned. Consider the condition of the cabinets. Nicks can be touched up with paint and/or a wood tone touch up stick. Consider replacing knobs if they are old. You may even want to have the cabinets refaced or painted.
• Lighting fixtures: Consider replacing any outdated fixtures especially in the entry way, Kitchen & Baths.
• Carpeting? How old? Consider replacing if they are stained or hire a professional carpet cleaner.
• Any pets? You may have to mitigate any pet smells and have any door scratches removed.
• Professionally Stage the house. If you move out before putting the house on the market, consider hiring a professional stager. It not only allows buyers to visualize themselves in the house, it makes for much better photography.
• Do it yourself staging: de-clutter cut down furniture to pieces that show the function of the room but do not contribute to the house looking small and cluttered. Move furniture away from the walls. Reduce dramatically the clothing items in your closet.
• De-personalize; remove knickknacks, family photos, throws & sofa pillows, refrigerator magnets, etc.
• Stage the outdoor areas: decks, patios, etc. Consider small nooks in the yard to stage as well. Any water features should be clean and the pump needs to be working. Exterior lighting should be working. If there are none should consider installing for twilight open.

If you are thinking of selling and would like some help preparing your home for sale, call me, I will come to your home and advise you on what is necessary and how we could position your home for maximum return.